Who I Am?


What’s up my friends? My name is Kharis Alimoerdhoni Arief. I guess you could call me a biggest dreamer. 

I do believe with dreams. The dreams started and continued with actions. Victory loves preparation.

After graduating campus with a GPA of 3.18 (scale 4) from Animal Husbandry in Brawijaya University. I immersed myself into the academic side of college life.  And I have done research about strategic marketing of animal products (especially, Dairy Product – Kefir) in social media.

I realized, I’m not an extraordinary student, just an ordinary boy who still needs to learn more and practice thousands of times.

Honestly, I learned community development in International Agriculture Organization (IAAS). I criticized global issue of farming with acquaintances from abroad, and keep moving forward to make incredible world.

I have strong communication and organizational skills. I am able to work independently and within a team environment.

In 2011, I presented my pilot project of sustainability in Madrid, Spain.  It has taught me not only to respect diverse culture. But also, it has given me the opportunity to demonstrate my abilities through practical experience. Sharing with them, it has helped me to enrich my senses and sharpen my mind.

By the way, as a man I spent a lot of time on my own, so I became pretty good at using my imagination.

I’m interested in continuing my Master’s abroad.   I have plans for the short term and the long term. I want to continue my master’s program by scholarship. I decided to choose Livestock Master Degree. I want to be an expert in chicken products.

 I’m going to focus on research on sustainable organic free-range chicken. It’s a niche market in my country.

Today, I live in Pontianak City, West Kalimantan, Indonesia.  I’m trying to build a business.  I have lots of beautiful chicken – to eat and sell.  My farm is not really big. I spend two hours a day every day managing it. I compost, collect rainwater and maintain a farm. Feed is given twice a day.  And then sell it on the marketplace and social media.

I believe, this business will be bigger and have the best partner with a loyal customer, Amin.

I make a living by working hard. I ended up finding something much more profound than I’d ever expected. I feel like I’ve just begun to live. I got stronger. And I learned that I’m pretty optimistic, which is good because a farmer has to be.

Now, I face the world with a smile. I need big effort and keep struggling in every single way.  I do my best and try to create a bright future.

Extraordinary Experiences

I am having passionate to work individually and teamwork. I have a quick adaptation to multicultural environments that gained through travels overseas. In 2013, I take a role  as Host Family in AIESEC, And then I am involved in culture exchange with students from Germany and lead a social project. Young and Restless.

Interests: Community Services, Listening Radio, Writing Blog and Reading Manga

My Core Values

Empowering People Awareness with Natural Resources.